Oreo Strawberry Cupcake

I told you I’ve been inspired lately. 

After Ben was so nice as to turn on “Cupcake Wars,” I really had an itchin for some baking.  Ben mentioned that he loves the oreo/strawberry combination and *poof* I was ready to start baking.

I started with the oreo cupcake from Beantown Baker. I know you’re not supposed to eat batter, but this batter was FANTASTIC.  And the cupcakes were pretty easy to make.

I topped the cupcakes with strawberry frosting from Cupcakes Take the Cake.  I must have done something wrong with the frosting, as the consistency wasn’t quite right.  It was a bit too watery, but it tasted fantastic. 

Overall, the cupcakes were definitely a success!  I’m prob gonna take some into the office tomorrow (cause otherwise Benjamin and I would eat all 24 of these babies….)


Typical Sunday Morning

Good morning!  Ben and I are just hanging out, which means I’m playing around on various blogs and Ben’s playing video games.  Reading all the other blogs, I was inspired to write in mine.  So lets see.

Wedding Update

We haven’t made a whole lot more progress with wedding planning.  Although we are close to figuring out where my family and bridesmaids are staying, as well as securing blocks of rooms for our guests.  Once they are all finalized, I’ll get them up on the wedding website.

We found out last night that the Mills House, which is the hotel directly next to our reception location is practically booked for our wedding weekend.  It’s a little disappointing, considering the location is perfect.  However, the rooms there are super expensive; I didn’t expect many people to stay there anyway (we’re talking like $250+ a night).

Blog Update

Thanks everyone for suggestions on other blogs to follow.  I think I’ve become semi-obsessed with food/baking blogs.  No legit.  I’m following a ton now.  But it is inspiring me to bake/decorate, so don’t be surprised if you start seeing pictures of fun cupcakes on this blog.  Although first I need to buy a cupcake pan.  Cause somehow I don’t own one.

I may join the Mystery Box Competition from The Sweetest Kitchen.  Basically, they give you a “mystery” ingredient every month, and you have almost three weeks to create and submit a cupcake that includes that ingredient (in the batter, frosting, decoration, whatever).  I dunno if I’ll do it every month, but it gives me a good excuse to try and make something new.  Who knows – I may even like the ridiculous new cupcake that I make.

If I Had an Extra….

Jane introduced me to The SHU Box, where this blogger did this fun “If I Had an Extra” exercise.I thought it was a cool idea, so I decided to do it myself.

Jane beat me to it.  You can read her’s here.

If the clock were set back 60 minutes right now, I would:

  • go for a run!
  • unload, load, run and unload the dishwasher
  • figure out how to transfer all my iTunes files to MP3 files and add music to my wedding website

If work was canceled tomorrow, and I had the day off, I would:
  • go to CVS and print out pictures from last week’s Disney trip and start a scrapbook/collage of the trip
  • give my apartment a deep clean (including taking everything out of the fridge and wiping the shelves down)
  • laundry
  • check out new blogs to add to my reader
  • go for a run!

If, for some reason, I had the whole week of work off, I would:

  • all of the stuff above
  • travel to Charleston for a week-long wedding-planning extravaganza including:
    • meet with our photographer
    • meet with the caterer
    • visit the caterer’s warehouse to pick out china, flatware, stemware, etc.
    • visit houses that we are considering renting for the wedding week
    • visit hotels and get blocks of rooms
    • finish adding addresses to my wedding invite spreadsheet
    • upload invites to wedding wire to track RSVPs
  • if there is time, spend one of those days on the beach doing nothing wedding related and just reading a book

If I were granted a one-year paid leave of right now, I would: 

given I also had some additional funds….

  • take a bunch of fancy baking and cake decorating classes and become a semi-professional caker
  • make LOTS of trips to Boston (and I mean LOTS)
  • spend a week in each of the following: London, Ireland, Paris, the Caribbean, Italy, Germany and the Czech Republic

So, what would you do with ____ amount of time off? answer here or post and comment with your link!

Thanks again, The SHU Box for this!


So I’ve decided I need to expand my Google reader.  I need to read more blogs in my life.

Anyone have any suggestions?  Beyond the Delta blogging group?  Any blogs you find particularly interesting? Funny? Recipe/cooking/baking focused? 

Not really looking for news blogs.  I read news all day at work, so I have that covered.  Things light and fun that I can read when I come home from work. 

Thanks everyone!

Disney: Round Two!

This weekend was Disney trip part two.  Because, really, how many trips to Disney can you take in a year.  Not enough according to this redhead.

We arrived Thursday evening, where we headed over to Saratoga Springs to relax and get ready for dinner at Jiko at Animal Kingdom.  It was fantastic and our waiter was really really good.  After a night of great food, yummy drinks and animal watching, we headed back to bed.

Friday was Disney Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom, before dinner at the Contemporary’s California Grill.  That place has a FANTASTIC view.  Absolutely stunning.  We then went to catch the Electrical Parade and fireworks at Magic Kingdom.  Have I ever mentioned how much I love fireworks?

Saturday morning we did the “Keys to the Kingdom” tour.  I won’t give away too many details, but it was really cool.  We then attempted to ride Splash Mountain and Space Mountain, but it was super crowded so we only did Splash Mountain.  We then headed over to EPCOT for some of the big rides there.

While everyone else went back to take a nap, Ben and I decided to go on a leisurely stroll around the Global Pavilion.  It was great – really relaxing but still taking everything in.    We did a mini “drinks around the world,” since we didn’t have the time to get a drink everywhere.  Then off to dinner at the Grand Floridian, where we were able to watch the fireworks again.

Oh and did I mention these fantastic hats we got?

and they definitely say BenAnna on the back.  

Softball Sadness

So I’m the co-captain of our agency’s PR softball league. 

Team Green has been undefeated for two seasons now.*  But we were handed our first defeat tonight.  In the championship game.  It sucks to go all season and then lose the championship game.  But the other team definitely brought it – they were out for blood (they lost the championship game to us last year).

But all in all, it was a great season.  We had a lot of fun.  Well, here is to next season. 

*ok, so we tied that one game.  But ties don’t count as loses. 

Delta 10K

So this weekend, while walking around beautiful, suburban Arlington (MA), Jane, Christen and I decided that we were going to train for and run a 10K.  We picked a 10K in DC the weekend of my birthday.  Plenty of time to train. 

We spread the word, and now have a nice little team of five to run the 10K.  The boys are gonna be our cheerleaders.  It’s gonna be awesome.  But of course more cheerleaders are always welcome

And so back from Boston I am, and training I have begun. Let’s see how this challenge goes. 

P.S. Pictures from the Eddy-Porter wedding coming.  My camera is in the other room.  And my legs are sore.  And its past my bedtime. 

Jess is a Porter!!

What a wonderful weekend!

Friday afternoon, Benjamin and I boarded a plane for Boston.  Upon landing, Jane picked us up, and we went back to her and Chris’s place.  They have such an adorable adult apartment.  We ordered pizza before heading over to White Horse to meet up with everyone.  And when I say everyone, I mean everyone.  Even people not invited to the wedding were there to celebrate.  It was an absolute blast. 

Saturday morning we woke up, managed to trek down to Dunkin Donuts.  I swear, DD tastes better in Mass.  Seriously.  

Saturday night was Jess and Rob’s beautiful wedding.  The ceremony was wonderful.  We then headed over to The Colonnade, where the cocktail hour was at the rooftop pool.  It was absolutely gorgeous – and the weather was perfect.  The reception was a blast, and I sure did dance my butt off!

Sunday was brunch and hung out with Hayley and Molly before coming back home.  One smooth plane, bus and metro ride and we were back to our little home and the real world back in D.C.

Dude, can I live in Boston-vacation-land forever?