Oreo Strawberry Cupcake

I told you I’ve been inspired lately. 

After Ben was so nice as to turn on “Cupcake Wars,” I really had an itchin for some baking.  Ben mentioned that he loves the oreo/strawberry combination and *poof* I was ready to start baking.

I started with the oreo cupcake from Beantown Baker. I know you’re not supposed to eat batter, but this batter was FANTASTIC.  And the cupcakes were pretty easy to make.

I topped the cupcakes with strawberry frosting from Cupcakes Take the Cake.  I must have done something wrong with the frosting, as the consistency wasn’t quite right.  It was a bit too watery, but it tasted fantastic. 

Overall, the cupcakes were definitely a success!  I’m prob gonna take some into the office tomorrow (cause otherwise Benjamin and I would eat all 24 of these babies….)


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