Typical Sunday Morning

Good morning!  Ben and I are just hanging out, which means I’m playing around on various blogs and Ben’s playing video games.  Reading all the other blogs, I was inspired to write in mine.  So lets see.

Wedding Update

We haven’t made a whole lot more progress with wedding planning.  Although we are close to figuring out where my family and bridesmaids are staying, as well as securing blocks of rooms for our guests.  Once they are all finalized, I’ll get them up on the wedding website.

We found out last night that the Mills House, which is the hotel directly next to our reception location is practically booked for our wedding weekend.  It’s a little disappointing, considering the location is perfect.  However, the rooms there are super expensive; I didn’t expect many people to stay there anyway (we’re talking like $250+ a night).

Blog Update

Thanks everyone for suggestions on other blogs to follow.  I think I’ve become semi-obsessed with food/baking blogs.  No legit.  I’m following a ton now.  But it is inspiring me to bake/decorate, so don’t be surprised if you start seeing pictures of fun cupcakes on this blog.  Although first I need to buy a cupcake pan.  Cause somehow I don’t own one.

I may join the Mystery Box Competition from The Sweetest Kitchen.  Basically, they give you a “mystery” ingredient every month, and you have almost three weeks to create and submit a cupcake that includes that ingredient (in the batter, frosting, decoration, whatever).  I dunno if I’ll do it every month, but it gives me a good excuse to try and make something new.  Who knows – I may even like the ridiculous new cupcake that I make.


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