Expiration Date

Like Jess, I’ve also always been a compulsive expiration date checker.  I would always eat/drink things up until their date.  And then you couldn’t convince me to touch it with a 10 foot pole.  It was like on the magical day stamped on the bottom of the carton, a “make food bad” fairy zapped the food and made it no longer edible.

Every late summer/early fall, I find myself checking expiration dates more and more often.  Not to see if they have gone bad, but to see if they expire on my birthday.  Don’t ask me why I care what goes bad on the most celebrated day on my calendar.

Today, I was debating making cupcakes.  I walked over to the fridge to see if we had all the necessary ingredients.  Butter, check.  Brown sugar, check.  Eggs, check.  Milk, hmm.  what’s this I see?

Happy Birthday to Me

I guess I’ll have to start looking for things that expire on my wedding date soon!

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