November Goals!

November is a great month, don’t you think?  It’s the start of the winter holiday season.  It (hopefully) is the last bit of semi-decent weather before the harsh winter begins. 

Below is the list of my goals for the month. Check back to see how many I can cross off!

Run a 10K!
Turn 25
Participate in the Mystery Ingredient Challenge
Attend one networking event
Identify an organization to work with and in what capacity I can volunteer
Figure out finances
Confirm flowers/rentals/decorations for the wedding
Make AJ’s risotto
Begin to work arm exercises into my routine
Read one book for fun


2 thoughts on “November Goals!

  1. you are a little lame for putting "turn 25" on there, because well, you are turning 25. but i still love you, so it's ok. i'm gonna make my own list of goals so i can be a cool kid like you!

  2. I was about to suggest you find a gala committee and volunteer with that but 1 – galas are usually in April and you'll be busy-ish that month and 2 – with the whole wedding thing you might be on event planning overload. (Though in the post-wedding world I think you would be AMAZING on a fundraising gala committee. In fact, I have a committee here in Texas that could use a redhead…)Have you thought about working with kids? I think you would be great at reading to students or something like that. Good luck with your November goals!

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