Would You Like a Spot of Tea?

One of my latest obsessions has been tea. 

I found myself going through a gazillion cups of coffee a week, so I decided to slowly trade some of those coffees for tea.  While I still enjoy the occasional cup of coffee, I’ve become much more of a tea person.

My favorite tea by far is Teavana.  Ben originally introduced me to these fine little tea leaves.

Teavana is all loose-leaf teas that come in a wide variety of flavors and types (white tea, black tea, chi, ect).  I’ve been a big fan of Snow Geisha – “Delicate rose petals upon snow-white tea leaves are punctuated with luscious cherries and a hint of tropical fruits.”  Its delicious!  Ben’s a big fan of the MateVana.

The only thing about Teavana is everything is loose leaf.  Not very work-friendly (ok, if I tried hard enough I’m sure I can do it at work. I’d just have to purchase an additional steeper for my desk and make sure I’m good about cleaning it).  So at the office I try and stick with something a bit easier.

So lately, I’ve been sticking with Tazo Zen. 

 You may be familiar with Tazo, as its the brand carried in most (if not all) Starbucks.  I’m a big fan of this green tea version, as it has just a hint of lemon and mint.  Its perfect for the 3:00-pick-me-up, or just to sip on something warm on an otherwise cold day. 

Have you ever tried Teavana or Tazo?  What are your favorite teas?

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2 thoughts on “Would You Like a Spot of Tea?

  1. I read the post title and though "England…ROYAL ENGAGEMENT" and then no, I realized it was actually a post about tea.Oh and I like the sweetened passion tea at Starbucks. I'm not a tea person but this basically tastes like raspberry lemonade.

  2. We will have to have a pot of tea when you get home for Thanksgiving. I still have many of the wonderful teas you and Jimmie gave me. There are so many that taste great.

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