December goals recap

I know it’s fairly late, but let’s review how I did with December’s goals. 

Get a real Christmas tree and decorate it and the apartment for the holiday season! Check

Make at least one batch of Christmas cookies! – oops.  I never got to do this.  However, I have EATEN a lot of Christmas cookies

Run at least 20 miles throughout the month (including this short week, that’s just 4 miles a week) – I don’t think I quite made 20 miles.  But I definitely tried to run when I could. 

Do at least one hour of yoga each week. Whether its once a week for an hour or six 10-minute sessions, it doesn’t matter.  – FAIL.  I was doing so well for about a week or so.  I did yoga every day.  But then life got busy, and I fell of the wagon.  I’m gonna think like Jane – I did more yoga in December than I did in November.  And I started to remember why I liked yoga to begin with. 

Pack a real lunch at least 3 days per week (throwing a granola bar in my purse and calling that and a bag of chips “lunch” doesn’t count) – I did a really good job with this, up until the last week.  So I didn’t do it for all three weeks, but I still call this a semi win!  Especially since those first three weeks I packed a real lunch for more than just the three days. 

Create a training plan for the upcoming March 8K – Ben and I decided not to do the 8K in March – neither of us love cold weather running quite yet (we’ve been gym rats as of late).  We were afraid to sign up for a race that would require us to do all of the training in the cold. 

Confirm all the loose ends on wedding planning/Plan the honeymoon/Schedule engagement photos – didn’t confirm all of the loose ends, but I did tie up all of the loose ends that I was thinking of when I wrote that bullet.  And I did all that I needed to do for the honeymoon planning.  And I’ve reached out to the photog about the engagement session.  I’ve done most of what I’ve needed to do; I’m waiting on some vendors for a few things. 

So, turns out December was an epic fail.  Like EPIC.  However, given everything going on with work and the holidays and everything, I’m ok with my failure.  It was a REALLY busy month.  And not crossing everything off my list was not because of laziness, forgetfulness, or any other reason.  It was just a busy month.  I also had a lot of my goals that weren’t listed here that I crossed off my list. 


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