Thanks for switching over!

Thanks everyone for switching over to the new link.  I decided to switch to wordpress for a variety of reasons.  I’ve heard it’s a lot better than blogspot, and after playing around with it for a bit, I decided to switch.  I’m still working out some details with the layout and pages.

I hope everyone likes the new setup.  And thanks again for switching over!

So, yesterday Ben and I decided that we were going to go for a run after work.  Well, we got home, changed and looked at each other.  Clearly our wires crossed somewhere, because I was in a tank and shorts and Ben was in long sleeves and pants.  Opps.  I figured it probably wasn’t too cold out (I don’t like running in the cold – my lungs haven’t adjusted yet).  I could ease my lungs into some milder weather.  Plus running outside is more interesting than the treadmill.  So I changed and off we went on a nice outside run.

Oh I’m sorry, did I say nice?  Cause I lied.  It sucked.  It was super cold and I never felt like I could catch my breath.  And my hands were frozen.  We normally run to a spot about 1.5 miles out and then back.  We got half way to the spot and Ben asked if I wanted to turn around.

But not to let the workout go to waste, we turned the return trip into a speed workout.  We’d sprint to a pole, then light wog (jog slash walk) for a bit.  Then sprint some more, and wog some more.  In the end, it turned out to be not a bad workout.

We also really needed to go food shopping.  So last night I pulled together a quite random dinner: eggs and quinoa.  I had never made quinoa before, but it is super easy.  I really liked it.  It makes a great base to a meal (as you would use rice or pasta).  Since I’m trying to cook new foods, and move away from pasta based meals, I consider this a success.

I mixed my quinoa with a dab of olive oil, salt, pepper and Italian seasoning.  It was very tasty.  In fact, I some came with me to work today for lunch!


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