Oops. I call a re-do!

So I completely fell off the wagon this week.  Ya know how I haven’t blogged this week, I also completely skipped out on working out.

Monday morning Ben went to work at like 5:30 in the morning.  Being wide awake, I did a workout video on the TV.  I feel bad for the people the apartment below me, because there was a lot of jumping involved.  It totally kicked my butt.  I was sore all week (who am I kidding…I’m still a bit sore!).  I didn’t run again until today.  But it was an awesome run.  2.8 miles (including the warm-up and cool down).  It felt great and I was really happy with my times.

Ben and I have been making meals out of what is left in our kitchen since we missed going to the grocery store this week.  For example: pesto gnocchi and pineapple bbq stir fry.

terrible picture. fabulous food.

I know the flavors don’t exactly go together.  But it made us happy. All my other meals weren’t really meals.  Note to self.  GO GROCERY SHOPPING!

Now I’m getting ready to watch the Miss America pageant.  The pageant originated in Atlantic City, which is practically where I grew up.   When I was little, we used to have HUGE sleepovers for the pageant (which was founded as a way to keep people coming to AC after the summer season’s official ending – Labor Day weekend).  We would wear pj dresses, score the contestants, and try to stay up to see the crowning.  It was a big deal.

Turns out a girl I went to school with is in this year’s pageant.  She’s Miss DC!  GOOD LUCK STEPH!  Everyone send Steph good wishes!  Everyone tune in tonight at 9 on ABC!




One thought on “Oops. I call a re-do!

  1. There nwere great times. And that parade! It was great when you saw it but it was really great when I was young (7millions years ago!)

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