Church, Football and Laundry…Must be Sunday

After a fairly lazy Saturday, Ben and I had a slightly less lazy Sunday.

We woke up and went to church down the street.  Ben and I have really had some trouble finding a church here that we like.  When we first moved to D.C., we started going to a Catholic church on Capital Hill that we were starting to really like.  It had one pastor that we both loved – Father Bill.  However, we quickly learned that not all the pastors there were as great as Father Bill.  The other pastors were a bit to “political preachy” as we used to say.

Fortunately, we realized this just as we moved to Virginia.  So we tried a variety of churches in NoVa, both Catholic and Methodist.  None seemed to really fit.  We gave another shot to the Methodist church that is down the street from our apartment again this morning.  Ben didn’t like it at all, but I liked it a smidge better than the previous service we attended there.  I think next week we may try the catholic church that is a bit further down the road.  Since we were both raised religious, we are hoping that we can find a church we are both happy with.  And we are both open to seeing what our options are.

After church, we made a Sunday run to Target.  We went to buy a Tupperware container to store our Christmas ornaments in, and we ended up doing a full grocery run and bought a side table for next to our couch.

target side table
not our actual side table, but the closest thing I could find on

We came home and I made a FANTASTIC pizza. I used garlic naan as the base, and then added apples (1 small apple), caramelized onions, bacon, grilled chicken, mozzarella and sharp cheese.  I put it in the oven at 300 for about 5 minutes, and then broiled the pizza to make the cheese melty and crispy.  It was awesome!

Now I’m doing laundry and watching the Pats/Jets game.  I’m so apathetic about the outcome of this game.  But its a good game nevertheless. I’m also looking up recipes for stew.  I got a fancy Le Cruset stockpot for Christmas, so I’m excited to make a stew in it.

Le Cruset Stockpot Cherry Red

I’ve never made stew before.  However, I’m reading lots of recipes and I’m pretty confident that tomorrow I’ll be able to create my own recipe.  I’ll remember to take pictures and put everything up here on the blog…providing it turns out.


Do you have any stew tips?  What’s your favorite ingredient to add to stew?



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