Like a Chesapeak Bay Native

Tonight’s dinner consisted of crab cakes and sweet potato french fries.  I wish I could say I made any of it from scratch.  But alas, we’re having my good friend Trader Joe to dinner tonight.

Trader Joe’s pre-made frozen crab cakes come in vacuum sealed packs of two.  They are a little thin, but they were great for crab cake sandwiches.  It’s not lump crab meat, but it’s definitely more crab than “filler.”  Directions said to defrost the crab cakes before cooking, but I threw them right from the freezer into a pan on low.

As for a side, I had Trader Joe’s sweet potato fries.  By themselves, they are a little bland.  I spiced them up with a dash of salt and a sprinkle of pumpkin pie spice.  The spice was an excellent addition to the fries.

All in all – it was dinner success.

Although, lately for me successful dinner is anything that can be passed off as an actual dinner (aka not handfuls of pita chips) and can be fridge to table in under 30 minutes.  I just don’t always have the time and energy to spend an hour making everything from scratch.

Now, Ben and I are enjoying a nice glass of wine, some chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, and some White Collar.

Picture of Neal Caffrey White Collar


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