February Goals

What, its February 9th.  So that makes us a third of the way through February.  Never too late for goal planning.  Between a busy work schedule, people being in town, and me being on the verge of getting sick, I never made February Goals.  Doesn’t mean it’s too late to start, right?  right?!

Wedding Goals

  • Schedule all March appointments, including but not limited to: engagement photos, church director, minister, hair (test run for the wedding day), makeup (test run for the wedding day), dress fitting (preferable one and two, but that’s not exactly up to me), and hair appointment (cut).  I think that’s it.  Man I hope that’s it!
  • Get the wedding invites out the door.  They’ve been ordered, now we just need to get them out!
  • Secure DJ, hairstylist and makeup artist for the wedding.
  • Get started on the design for the wedding (things like menu cards, programs, name cards, etc).


Workout Goals

  • Get 2.5 hours worth of exercise each week (overall year goal)
  • Vary the workout up a bit more – work in more yoga, elliptical
  • Definitely do more weight workouts.  My dress is strapless ya know.

Other Goals

  • Get more sleep.  Like, I dunno, the recommended 8 hours!
  • Pack my lunch so I don’t resort to vending machine food and misc. snacks.
  • Get my sister’s birthday present to her, preferable on the day of or before her birthday (Hi Julie!)
  • Enjoy my trip to Boston!!


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