Valentine’s Day

Ben and I decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day over the weekend.  How did we do it?

Started off with a 4+ mile run around D.C.   We started down on Ohio Drive (near where we ran the 10K on my birthday), ran down Ohio Drive, by the Lincoln Memorial, over Memorial Drive bridge into Arlington, down onto the Mt. Vernon trail to Teddy Roosevelt Park.  I took a break while Ben ran the trails through the park.  Afterward, we reversed the route and went back to the car.

It was terrible.  Terrible.  I could never get into the groove.  It was my first run outside in a while.  I’ve gotten used to running on the treadmill – where you can’t really stop.  Running outside, you could stop whenever you want.  Also, the wind was so bad that it kept knocking my earphones out.  Also, I kinda need to sneakers, so there was that too…

After the run, we had our Valentine’s Day dinner.  We decided to make dinner instead of going out.  On our menu:


Butternut squash soup


Baby lettuce with candied pecans and cheese


London broil

Roasted sweet potatoes

Sautéed asparagus

Italian bread


Hand rolled truffle

chocolate peanutbutter “bomb”

Dinner worked out well; Ben handled the meat, asparagus and salad and I handled the soup and sweet potatoes. We cheated and bought the dessert at Harris Teeter.  They have a rather extensive fancy dessert section.  We always assumed it wasn’t that great.  But after 4+ miles, we decided to give it a shot opposed to making something from scratch. 

I was totally fine that we didn’t go out somewhere.  Sometimes, its nice to just have a big fancy dinner at home.


What did you do for Valentine’s Day?


2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day

  1. Wow! Good for you. I’ve been running inside for a while now too and I’m nervous (but a little excited) to get back outside. We celebrated Valentine’s Day this weekend too. Consisted of low key activities all day. I like it that way 🙂

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