Flowers for the office

How was everyone’s Valentine’s Day?

Yesterday, it was flower central at work.  A lot of the women had flowers on their desks from their significant others.  At one point I was walking around the office and I thought, “man, I totally understand why single girls HATE this holiday.”

But I did love my flowers.  Ben didn’t go for roses.  Too clichĂ©.  He always gets my favorite flowers, star-gazer lilies.

stargazer lillies

This beautiful arrangement arrives at my desk yesterday.  I really wasn’t expecting flowers.  No really, I wasn’t.  But I can’t say I wasn’t happy when they were dropped off at my desk! Right now, all the bulbs are closed, but my mid-week, this baby will be in full bloom.


Dinner last night continued along my “must go from table to belly in 30 minutes” theme.

This was a super easy dinner.

Gnocchi and Veggies

1 package potato gnocchi from Trader Joes (it comes in a red package and doesn’t need to be refrigerated)

1 package Archer Farms Harvest Blend Vegetables (Broccoli, carrots, onions, baby cob corn, sugar snap peas, mushrooms, water chesnuts, & red peppers)

1 tablespoon minced garlic

salt, pepper and olive oil to taste

  1. Cook the gnocchi in salted boiling water until it floats
  2. Steam the veggies in the bag per instructions (7.5-8.5 minutes)
  3. Saute veggies in garlic
  4. Combine everything in a large bowl, add salt, pepper and olive oil to taste and enjoy!

I sprinkled a bit of Trader Joe’s low fat cheese on it as well.  Fantastic topper.  Although, really, when isn’t cheese a fantastic topper.  This could easily be made a bit healthier by leaving out the olive oil, but we needed some healthy fats in our diet tonight.


Yesterday was beautiful in D.C.  It even hit the high 60’s.  Perfect outdoor running weather, right? Well by the time I got home for work, there was so much wind it felt like a hurricane was traveling through our nation’s capital.  So up to the treadmill I went with my new shoes.

Verdict: overall, I like them.  I can feel how they help my stride a bit (I run on the insides of my feet), and they provide a lot of support on my arch.  The backs are a bit more snug then I’m used to, so I’ve got a tiny blister.  But I’m gonna just chalk that up to wearing in a new pair of shoes.  I’ve had work flats do more damage on the first day.


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