More Wedding Planning

Why hello again.  Crazy wedding planning and resulted in a delay of blogging sorry.

Last weekend, Ben and I took an 11-hour train ride to Savannah, Ga., to meet up with his Uncle John, who is performing our ceremony.  The next day we drove the 2 1/2 hour drive from Savannah to Charleston.  Upon arrive to the city Benjamin and I went to the city courthouse to apply for our wedding license!  So excited!  That, plus Uncle John, are the only two things we really NEED to get married.  We didn’t want to wait until the last minute and have something go wrong.  But its done.

We then did the hair and makeup trial.  That went pretty well.  Both turned out looking fabulous.  But the best part of getting the hair trial was the woman had to curl my hair and then pin the curls up for the updo.  I slept with the hair still done, and the next morning when I took the bobby-pins out to prep for my engagement photos, I had these beautiful, huge curls.  Quickest getting ready EVER.

I’ll post my favorite photos, but check out the slide show our photog put together that has some of the highlights.

Up next, weekend at my parent’s with the B’s.


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