More wedding planning part duex

So the other day, I updated everyone on our trip to Charleston.  But one weekend wasn’t enough.  Last weekend, Ben and I traveled to New Jersey.  Ben’s parents were coming up to Jersey to hang out with my folks and meet the rest of my family.

First off, the best decision of the trip was renting a car.  While Ben’s jeep is fantastic in the summer, winter-long-distance trips in the jeep are the opposite of fun.  And his car gets terrible gas mileage.  So, we rented a car and it made a big difference in our travels.

Once we arrived home, we had dinner at the buffet at Harrah’s.  You name it, they have it.  A lot of the stations are manned, which is nice because the food is exactly as you want it and fresh.  I had a small steak, pasta (shocking, I know), King Crab Legs, asparagus and mashed potatoes.  For dessert, I had some banana fosters crepes and bread pudding.  Let me tell you, I was stuffed and it was fantastic.

The next morning, my mom hosted a big brunch for my family.  The future in-laws got a chance to meet my extended family (Ben had already met them) and everyone seemed to get along great.  After brunch, the B’s headed back to South Carolina.  My mom and I did some additional wedding planning and I hung out with my niece and nephew – they are getting SOOOO BIG.

On Sunday, I had dress fitting number one.  I’m lucky, there isn’t a whole lot that needs to be done.  Just taking the front up a little bit.  Otherwise, my dress fits like a glove (a very tight glove, but glove).  I’m so excited!!

So now we just need to put a few final touches on everything.  46 days!


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