The dance

well, it happens about once a decade, but last night BU finally had its shot at the dance.   Yes my friends, BU men’s basketball team actually made it to the March Madness tournament.  No not the NIT tournament, the NCAA March Madness tournament.

So yeah, we were matched up against Kansas, ranked number one and President Obama’s pick to win the tournament.

During the first half, BU put up quite a fight. For a hot second, they were even up by two.  But that didn’t last.  During the second half, Kansas ran away with the game.

photo of bu-kansas ncaa bball game
proof bu was up at somepoint!


We had some fellow BU-ers over last night to watch the game and we ordered wings from Wing Zone.  I forgot how much I love wings; I feel like we haven’t ordered any in forever.

Tonight, Cheryl comes over.  I’m super excited to spend some time with this lovely BU lady.


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