I love visitors!

There was no traveling for me this weekend.  Instead everyone came to me.

Saturday afternoon Cheryl came over after her conference.  We immediately popped open a bottle of wine and began to catch up.  Since she graduated almost four years ago, I’ve seen Cheryl SIX times (in the fall of my senior year, AJ’s wedding, her wedding, when she was in DC for a conference in April 2009, Jess Eddy’s wedding and this weekend).  That’s a ton for someone who lives in Texas.  Granted a lot of that is because we are in the wedding years of our life, but still.  And I’ll get to see her in six weeks when she comes to Charleston for our wedding. 

That night we got dressed up and headed to Old Towne for dinner.  We popped into O’Connells for dinner.  I had a lamb burger that was pretty good.  Ben had the fish and chips and Cheryl had scallops – both seemed to enjoy their meal.  Afterwards, we tried to go to PX, but they didn’t have any room at the bar.  So we headed back to our apartment, ate a ton of guac, and chatted the night away. 

However, Cheryl and I were very bad bloggers.  Neither of us took a SINGLE photo of the evening. 

Sunday, after Cheryl left, my brother Jimmy ended up coming over.  He was in town because he had tickets to a bunch of the NCAA games in D.C.  We grabbed lunch at this adorable crêpe place in Pentagon Row and hung out for a bit.  It was good to see him. 

After he left, I took a nap and then made fajitas for dinner.  I haven’t had fajitas in FOREVER.  Of course, it was a bit labor intensive, but they were very good in the end. 

All in all, I loved my relaxing weekend with visitors!


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