Locked out

I’m a mess. Between traveling and getting married, I’ve become a disorganized mess. I swear I’m not normally this way.

I’m currently sitting on the floor outside my apartment. Why you ask? It’s quite simple. I walked out of my apartment without my keys. I know. That’s not even the worst part. I also walked out without my metro card, debit card, and both of my credit cards. I know. I’m a genius. Oh and my cell phone is dead. So now I’m stealing Internet from myself (ok so maybe it’s not stealing if it’s mine) on my iPod touch and trying to be productive.

But this weekend, it’s seriously time to get my life back in order. Because this is ridiculous.

May 26 Update:  Turns out that the key to my apartment was in my purse the whole time.  I have now attached my apartment key to a large, bright pink keyring so I can find it in my purse. 


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