Wine Tasting

I wrote a post this morning, but apparently it didn’t post and a lost it.  Basically, it was my own version of Cheryl’s post, recapping what happened to our friend AJ.  Thank God that AJ and her family are fine, but some of her neighbors were hit hard and the long clean up process has only just begun.

A few weeks ago, Groupon had a coupon for a wine tasting event with the Washington Wine Academy.  For $18 (a $36 value) each we were able to attend a wine reception/tasting.

We arrived and the event had a decent crowd.  The venue was at the street level of an apartment building, and was a decent sized room with lots of table and ample seating.  At the front of the room was one long table, featuring all the wine.  They also had a modest spread of crackers, fruit and cheese.

The event had quite a wide variety of wines.  Perhaps 16-20 wines, split evenly between wines and reds.  There was one dessert iced wine that may have been a rose, but roses were not featured in the event.  The two hosts were very friend and quite informed: they were able to answer any questions asked.

As for the selection of wines, it was a mixed bag.  It seemed like it was a rather hodgepodge of wines; there was no common theme running through all the wines.  As with any wine tasting, some were better than others.  While the hosts were able to give us basic information (this is a fruity wine from California), but they didn’t provide any addition information or “teach” us anything about wines or wine tasting.  It was basically 20 bottles of wine, and out went along and figured out what you liked on your own.

For an experienced wine taster, it would be a very good event to try something new.  If you’re looking to learn more about wines, you’re probably better off taking one of their classes, which appear to be much more organized.  The wine reception was a bit of a free for all.  But everyone was friendly and it was a good excuse to go out and try some new wines.  I can honestly say I had never heard of any of the wines before.

For $18, I thought it was a really good deal.  To get unlimited pours of the wine (within reason, obviously), it was great.  But, I’m not sure that I’d pay full price for it.  I’d probably max out at $25.

Have you ever been to a wine tasting event?  Was it organized, or more of a free-for-all? 


One thought on “Wine Tasting

  1. I did a wine tasting a few months ago with some girlfriends, also courtesy of GroupOn. I really enjoyed ours. It happened to be all white wines and I far prefer white to red so that was excellent. I think we tasted 4 varieties and got the back story on each one. I enjoyed it mostly just because I enjoy wine and because cheese/crackers were included but one of my girlfriend’s found a new fav, Cava. A win all around.

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