Pre-Wedding Recap

So back to recapping that whole wedding thing.

Tuesday, my parents picked me up from my apartment for our long trip down to Charleston.  I’ll spare the specifics, but two days, numerous conference calls with vendors, and somewhere around 9 driving-hours later, we all arrived in Charleston.  We went straight to our hotel to relax and decompress from the ride.

Wednesday night we had dinner at Hymans Seafood.  If you are ever in Charleston, I highly recommend this restaurant.  It’s a laid-back restaurant with fantastic food and even better service.

Thursday, my bridesmaids and family started to arrive.  We ran wedding errands ALL DAY LONG.

Friday however, that’s when the fun began!

It started with a welcome breakfast for the families at the Palmetto Cafe at the Charleston Place Hotel.  The brunch was hosted by Ben’s Aunt Carolyn and Uncle John, and everyone had a blast.

After brunch, my kind parents drove all over Charleston to drop off the guest welcome bags, while Jane, Ange and I got a mani/pedi.  Relaxing girl time was exactly what I needed.  Immediately afterward, we went back to the hotel to begin getting ready.

That’s when I noticed that my brand new pretty purple dress  had turned my armpits and arms bright pink.  I kid you not.  It took lots of scrubbing and two formerly-white hotel washcloths to get my skin to look normal.  As a result, I ended up being 30 minutes late to my own rehearsal.  OOPS. 

But everything worked out in the end.  And after the rehearsal, we all headed out to Middleton Place for the rehearsal.  Post and pictures to come soon!




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