Asics GT2150 Review

Last February, I did a ton of research and purchased the Asics GT 2150.

Now that I’ve been running in them for a few months (even if it is sporadic running), I figured it was time to give them a review.

Bottom Line: I really like the sneakers, but I probably wouldn’t buy them again.

When I slip my feet into these sneakers, they feel great.  They feel like they hug my feet in all the right places.  They provide great support and just enough cushioning.  When I’m running, I feel fantastic.  Perhaps its the fact that I’ve improved my stride, and I’ve moved from “person-barely-getting-their-feet-off-the-concrete-to-move” to someone with with an actual stride.  I run in these sneakers.  My feet almost seem to bounce off the concrete.

But…(isn’t there always a but)…after every run, I immediately have a blister on the inside of my foot, right between my arch and heel.  No matter how often I run in them, my feet don’t seem to adopt to the structure of the shoe.  Usually the blister goes away in a day or two, but if I’m going to run every day it could become a problem.

Perhaps its just this cut, but I feel like I read somewhere that all Asics are cut tight to the foot.  With my next shoe, I’d love everything that the Asics GT 2150 provide, but perhaps a bit more flexibility surrounding the heel.


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