China, Crystal and Silver, Oh My

Now that Ben and I have our china (for 12), crystal (for 2) and silver (for 2) (thank your friends and family for your generous wedding gifts), we didn’t want it to sit  in boxes in cabinets and corners.  We wanted it to actually get used.

So last night, we decided to make dinner and use of fancy dinnerware.  On the menu:

  • Course 1: spinach, strawberry and peach salad
  • Course 2: Steak, honey roasted carrots, baked potato, biscuts
  • Dessert: strawberry shortcake and ice cream

We decorated the table with a beautiful vase full of pale blue and white hydrangeas, light pinky-peach spray roses and white dahlias .  It ending up being a beautiful arrangement.

I took photos over everything (table arrangement, vase with flowers), but for some reason wordpress won’t let me upload the photos (well the photos are uploading, but I can’t rotate them so they are all sideways).

THANK YOU again to everyone for your wonderful gifts.  We truly appreciate it!


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