Happy Halloween

As a child, I loved Halloween.  I loved getting to play dress up for the night.  I used to pick out my costume in September.  Actually, I think I picked my costume in August one year.  And some years, I had two costumes: one for the local parade and one for Halloween night.

Now, I’m one of those people who put off finding a costume until the last minute.  This has resulted in some pretty ridiculous costumes. Such as my sophomore year of college when I was a cat.

me and my friend Tim.  I think he was a carrot that year.

Except I didn’t put any thought into my costume.  I used eyeliner to color my nose black and draw whiskers and wore things that existed in my closet: a black long-sleeve shirt, skirt, tights and Uggs.  And I added a pink headband.  When I showed up to a party, my friends laughed because I didn’t have a tail or ears.  So they found a black marker and pink construction paper and made me ears.

This year, my costume wasn’t quite as, well, lazy.  But I did re-use a great costume from a few years ago.

Halloween 2011

Because when your name is Anna, the obvious costume is a banana.  Ben went as Jack Donaghy from 30 Rock.  We put a ton of baby powder in his hair, and he wore a suit.  His costumes always include a suit.    At some point during the night, we established that if Jack and Liz Lemon ever celebrated Halloween together, she would be in someone equally as ridiculous as a banana suit.

To celebrate, we met some friends at a local bar with a costume contest.  None of us won, but we still had a great time.  The most creative costume of the night was a guy who made his own Travelocity gnome.  The costume that received the least cheers from the crowd: the guy who went as the 1 percent (he looked like the old man from Monopoly).

My guess is this won’t be the last Halloween that I’ll be a Banana.

What were you for Halloween?  Do you buy or make your costume?  Do you ever reuse a costume?


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