#BeThankfulChallenge Number 3

So, I know it hasn’t been a full week since my last #bethankfulchallenge post.  Bonus post!  (And multiple posts in one week.  Go me!)

November 14 – Birthdays.  Against, this seems obvious.  But I’m thankful that every person has a day dedicated to them.  It doesn’t need to be over the top.  But don’t lie, you like checking Facebook on your birthday to see all the people who wished you well.  Happy birthday to everyone!

November 15 – Scarves.  Perhaps ‘ I lived in Boston for four years.  Or maybe it’s because my office likes to keep the temperature slightly lower than what I like (although, in their defense, I like being warm).  But scarves have become my favorite accessory.  I have one in almost every color.  I wear them at work.  I wear them running errands.  A couple weeks ago, Ben and I wondered into a store that had scarves on sale for $5 – I promptly turned around and asked him what was the maximum number of scarves I could buy.  Then I bought that number.

November 16 – Rainboots.  D.C. rains.  A lot.  (OK Val, perhaps not as much as where you live).  Last year for my birthday, my mom bought me black Kate Spade rainboots.  I love them.  They are shiny black on the outside, but pink on the inside.  They have a bow.  And a heel. And they keep my feet dry in the mucky D.C. weather.

[photo credit]

November 17 – Delivery Pizza.  Delivery Pizza combines my two favorite things for dinner: delivery and pizza.  I could eat pizza every day.  And not having to cook it, even better.  After a long day of work, when I’m stressed and tired, ordering takeout pizza is perfect.  And sometimes, I order it when I leave work so its delivered within moments of me getting home.

When often change where we order pizza from, but lately we’ve enjoyed Cafe Pizzaiolo.  They make really good pizza, have interesting flavor combos, and they deliver gelato and beer too.

November 18 – Bagel Friday.  Because showing up to work is always better when it involved a bagel.  When the economy tanked, our beloved Bagel Friday came close to getting the axe.  But it survived and boy and I glad.  In addition to bagels, my company also orders donuts.  After an especially long week, I love cutting a sliver of a chocolate glazed donut in addition to my bagel.


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