Best place to go to college

Scrolling through my Facebook feed the other night, I came across an awesome Huffington Post article – The 10 Best Places to Go to College.  And ranked number one – my very own Boston University.

With a storied history, bustling sports culture, and more than 50 colleges in the city, Boston is one of the most exciting places in the country to be a student, and BU is right in the thick of it. “Often, friends and I would go around the city to eat in Boston’s ‘little Italy’ the North End, or catch a Red Sox game, or go to a local bar and shoot pool. The benefit, for me, of going to college within a city was there never seemed to be a shortage of anything to do,” says Rachel, a theatre major. Since BU does not have a traditional campus like nearby Northeastern or Harvard, Boston is a major part of every student’s day-to-day life. For most, this is a highlight. Sarah, an international relations student, says, “Boston is one the best things about BU. It is such an amazing city to be a student in.”

So true.  Trip down memory lane time.

Just a few years ago, the city of Boston was my playground.  BU’s location was almost perfect – close to Fenway Park and not far from downtown.  I spent many a nights walking around the North End, trying to find the perfect Italian restaurant (they are all fantastic).  The Boston Redsox were our equivalent of a sports team (teachers moved tests to adjust for big Sox games).  There was always something to do.  Going to college in a city was amazing.  It forces you to grow up a bit quicker – city campuses teaches you to be a bit more independent and aware of your surroundings – and gives you unlimited opportunities to learn beyond the classroom.

I wouldn’t change my college experience for anything in the world.  I met amazing people and learned a ton (both in and out of the classroom).  The city of Boston never left me bored, and I’m excited everytime I go back.


Love that dirty water…..Boston you’re my home.