Best place to go to college

Scrolling through my Facebook feed the other night, I came across an awesome Huffington Post article – The 10 Best Places to Go to College.  And ranked number one – my very own Boston University.

With a storied history, bustling sports culture, and more than 50 colleges in the city, Boston is one of the most exciting places in the country to be a student, and BU is right in the thick of it. “Often, friends and I would go around the city to eat in Boston’s ‘little Italy’ the North End, or catch a Red Sox game, or go to a local bar and shoot pool. The benefit, for me, of going to college within a city was there never seemed to be a shortage of anything to do,” says Rachel, a theatre major. Since BU does not have a traditional campus like nearby Northeastern or Harvard, Boston is a major part of every student’s day-to-day life. For most, this is a highlight. Sarah, an international relations student, says, “Boston is one the best things about BU. It is such an amazing city to be a student in.”

So true.  Trip down memory lane time.

Just a few years ago, the city of Boston was my playground.  BU’s location was almost perfect – close to Fenway Park and not far from downtown.  I spent many a nights walking around the North End, trying to find the perfect Italian restaurant (they are all fantastic).  The Boston Redsox were our equivalent of a sports team (teachers moved tests to adjust for big Sox games).  There was always something to do.  Going to college in a city was amazing.  It forces you to grow up a bit quicker – city campuses teaches you to be a bit more independent and aware of your surroundings – and gives you unlimited opportunities to learn beyond the classroom.

I wouldn’t change my college experience for anything in the world.  I met amazing people and learned a ton (both in and out of the classroom).  The city of Boston never left me bored, and I’m excited everytime I go back.


Love that dirty water…..Boston you’re my home. 


One thought on “Best place to go to college

  1. Can you believe I had one jerk prof who gave us a pop quiz the day after the Red Sox beat the Yankees in game 7? Who does that?! There was this enormous collective moan and all he said was “you should have done the reading.” I wanted to say “Dear Mr Professor Man, Baseball history is more important than your class.” but instead I just failed the quiz.

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