26 Things To Do in 2012

Opposed to goals such as “get in shape” or “be organized,” for 2012, I’m developing a list of 26 things I want to do in 2012.  Here we go:

  1. Run a half marathon
  2. Make at least one 5 day trip to my parent’s house
  3. Make at lease one 5 day trip to the mountain house
  4. Find a volunteer/community group in D.C. to get involved in
  5. Get Christmas gifts, cards and everything prepped by November 1
  6. Select location and dates for our big 2013 Eurotrip
  7. Actual fill the wedding photo frames in my apartment with wedding photos
  8. Select photos for and order our wedding photo album
  9. Select photo for and purchase wedding canvas photo and hang it in the apartment
  10. Actually make White Russian cupcakes (I’ve been talking about making these for months and months)
  11. Create a binder holding important information
  12. Hold a dinner party
  13. Hold a brunch party
  14. Go to at least 10 baseball games
  15. Go to a football game
  16. Roast a whole chicken
  17. Roast a whole turkey
  18. Find some sort of organization for our kitchen
  19. Host poker night
  20. Have a fantasy sport team
  21. Organize my life’s photos
  22. Get decorations for the various holidays and decorate the apartment
  23. Go wine tasting in Virginia wine country
  24. Eat crabs in Annapolis
  25. Eat a meal at a restaurant featured on Man vs. Food
  26. Spend a day volunteering for a campaign – can be anything or any level of public office

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