MLK, VDay and whatever other holidays I missed

To say 2012 has been a busy year is an understatement.  Let’s see how quickly I can do a January/February recap.

  • For MLK day I traveled to Boston for Jane’s bachlorette weekend.  We rented a house in Rhode Island and a bunch of us just hung out for the weekend.  We had a blast.  AJ did some fancy cooking, which is always a pleasure, and I got to see a lot of people I haven’t seen in a while.  It was a blast and definitely better than bar hopping for a night.
  • For the Super Bowl, we went to a friend’s place to hang out and watch the game.  Everyone was a Giants fan, so naturally I went against the grain and rooted for the Patriots.  I know, cheering for the Pat’s is something I fought for four years.  Oh well.
  • For Valentine’s Day, Benjamin and I hung pretty low and had a wonderful seafood dinner.  We picked up a nice bottle of red wine at Trader Joe’s to sip with dinner.  We enjoyed a nice relaxing night of just the two of us.

I think that gets us up to speed…

Disney Princess Half

The countdown is on for the Disney Princess Half.  With just over a week to go, I can’t believe its almost here.  I think I’ve got most of the planning done.  If there is one thing this trip has taught me, its that I’ve turned into my mother.  I had a word document planning everything out and having all the details, including reservation numbers.  I’ve done so much planning for this trip.  The planning isn’t so much “we will be here at this time and do this at this time.”  Its more “ok here is all the information so we can make an overlyinformed decision.”

A bonus for the trip is the fact that my sister will be down there!  She’s been planning a trip to Florida and the timing worked out for her to be there the same weekend!  I’m excited to see her and be able to experience Disney with the kids.  It’s great to see the excitement and magic of the parks through the eyes of the kids.

I’ve got no goals for this half – other than to finish without getting picked up by the mouse golf carts.  I just want to go and have fun running this race with my friends.  The same friends who, during a walk back from Dunkin Donuts, said “I feel like I should be doing this running thing.”  Who, without their long distance support, I probably would have never gotten into this crazy sport.

So wish me luck!  You may not hear from me before then!


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