House Hunting

So, Ben and I are on the hunt for a house!

We’re looking to stay inside the Beltway, so likely Arlington or Alexandria. Given the crazy traffic around D.C., we don’t want to move somewhere that will have a crazy commute.

So we interviewed a few different realtors in the area and signed with Arbor Realty.

Today, we went on our first house hunting mission.  We looked at the properties available in our price range and picked three to visit.  One was a condo, the other two were townhomes.

This morning the realtor picked us up with a bit of bad news. The condo went under contract either last night or first thing this morning.  And one of the townhomes wasn’t providing access to potential buyers.  Which means we were more than welcome to place an offer, but we would not be able to walk through the property first. Since we weren’t interested in buying a home sight-unseen, we nixed that option.

So off we went to view the one townhome left on the list.  It actually wasn’t that bad.  It’s a great space, and quite large for the price.  But it needs a lot of renovations and updates.  It’s got a lot of potential, but I’m having some trouble seeing past the renovations.  We’ll have to think about it and keep looking at what else is out there.

While we didn’t walk away from today making an offer (which would be crazy), I still consider it a successful house hunting mission!


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