Disney Princess Weekend Recap

This post was written shortly following the Disney Princess Half Marathon, but I delayed posting for a variety of reasons. If you’re really curious, I can tell you why in real life.

This weekend was magical.

Ok. I know I’m a bit dramatic. But this weekend was truly and amazing experience and I had an absolute blast.

I will recap everything in to multiple posts to prevent one long rambling post.


Ben and I boarded a very early plane to Disney. After a fairly smooth flight, we took Disney’s Magical Express to our hotel, The Old Key West. We immediately changed into our bathing suits and enjoyed a morning by the pool.

Old Key West Disney WorldSoon, Christen and Jane arrived, and we left to boys for Downtown Disney to pick up our park passes and ESPN Wide World of Sports to pick up our packets and attend the expo. I forgot to submit proof of time, so I was placed in the last corral. I simply brought the Veteran’s Day 10K official results and they moved me up to the same corral as Christen and Jane. After a brief walk around the expo, and one sparkly green headband later, we went back to the resort to get ready for dinner.

Disney Princess Half Marathon

Disney Jostens Center

Once Jane’s mom (Paula), Aunt Lesley and Belle arrived, the “adults” got started on dinner while the girls were giddy with excitement for the weekend. After dinner, we went to bed to prep for the long weekend ahead.


Saturday we woke up early to go cheer on Paula and Aunt Lesley during the Tangled 5k. We stood at the opening gates of EPCOT and cheered on the runners. The costumes were great – I didn’t get photos of the runners, but there was lots of neon and princess wear.


Once the race was over, the crew traveled to Animal Kingdom. I have to say, I was not a fan of Animal Kingdom when it first opened. But each time, I like it more and more. I’d love the opportunity (here I go planning my next trip…) to dedicate a full day to Animal Kingdom. Each time I’m there, I find a new corner to explore, and I think the details are really well done.  We spent our time at Animal Kingdom exploring and road the Jungle Safari, Exploration Everest and Dinosaur.

Animal Kingdom Giraffe

Animal Kingdom Hippo

Girls at DisneyWe took a bus over to Hollywood Studios (my favorite park). At Hollywood Studios we road Tower of Terror, Rock n’ Roller Coaster, Star Tours and Muppets in 3D. I’m usually not a fan of re-modeled rides (classic is better), but I’m really a fan of the new Star Tours. It’s just an updated version of the old ride but apparently there are a bunch of new “videos” and endings. Hollywood Studios is my favorite of the parks.

Because we were feeling adventurous, we then went to EPCOT. Soarin was out of fast passes, so we just road Figment and went back to the hotel. Aunt Lesley made us dinner (her famous meat sauce and pasta) and we planned every minute for the next morning.


To be continued…

Disney Princess Bib


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