These are a few of Fenway’s favorite things

Fenway is one picky puppy!

Right now, she’s eating Natural Balance food. It’s a little pricey, but she is allergic to chicken, which is an ingredient in a lot of other dog foods.  Even ones that say they are based on another protein, like venison or lamb, often have chicken in there somewhere.  With Natural Balance, I can just grab a bag of whatever protein and feel safe knowing that I’m not accidentally giving Fenway chicken.  We occasionally give her Merrick, which she also likes.  They aren’t as good about keeping chicken out of the other protein-labeled foods.  But if you read labels and get the right one, that works too.

I tried to get her to eat Blue Buffalo, but she didn’t really like it for whatever reason.

In terms of treats, I usually stick with a few brands.

  • Zukes – Fenway LOVES Zuke’s treats.  All of them.  Seriously, I haven’t seen a treat from this company that she doesn’t go crazy for.  Her favorite is the Z-bones in clean carrot, which also clean her teeth.  I could get the video of her reaction to these treats to load, but here is a link to it:
  • American Jerky – This company makes great bison jerky that Fenway loves.  It’s also easy to find and not super expensive, which make Ben and I happy.
  • Trader Joe’s – Fenway is a bit picky about Trader Joes treats.  They have one set of biscuits that are quite large.  If we give Fenway a whole treat, she doesn’t eat any of it.  But if we break them into smaller pieces for her, she can’t get enough!  They often have other smaller treats, and we’ve had luck with them as well.  And Trader Joe’s dog treats are MUCH more affordable that what you find at traditional pet stores.
  • Charlee Bear Treats – These treats are low calorie and look a bit like an oyster cracker.  They are great for playing and training.  However, since they are cracker like opposed to a soft dog treat, they don’t have the smell motivation that other treats have.  But Fenway loves them, and she immediately is on her best behavior whenever she sees the bag come out. We stick with the egg and cheese or the beef liver flavors, due to the chicken allergy.  But I really want to try the turkey and cranberry for the holidays.

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