Roomie Visit!

After a long week, I slept in until 9:30 when I woke up to go meet this girl for brunch

I met Molly at my favorite brunch spot – Founding Farmers.  I got the Belgium waffle with a side of  pepper maple bacon, and Molly got the Farmers Breakfast (eggs, toast, bacon, hashbrowns).  As always, it was fantastic.  What I was most shocked about was that we had NO wait.  I’ve always just done breakfast there on Sundays – when you need reservations weeks in advance or you need to wait at least 45 minutes.  Today, we had no wait whatsoever.

Afterwards, we decided to continue catching up (walk off the calories-hello, bacon!) and we walked down through Georgetown.  During our walk I came across this adorable item:

It’s a silicon cupcake liner that is shaped like a teacup and comes with a little saucer.  It was adorable!  While slightly unpractical, its still combines two of my favorite things!

After the walk, I took a brief (20 minute, max) nap and Ben and I went for a quick 15 minute run around the neighborhood.  It was such a tough run.  My thighs felt super heavy like they were weighing me down.  My Endomondo running app didn’t work AGAIN (it also failed during last week’s 10K), so I’m not quite sure how far we went. 

On the way back, we picked up some chicken parm from Cafe Italia on Restaurant Row.  It’s a cute restaurant with a lot of character.  The chicken parm was pretty good.  Not the best I’ve ever had (although not sure anything beats the parm from The Palm), but I would get it again when the craving hits.  We’ve only gotten takeout from this place, but I’m hoping we can dine-in sometime soon. 

Now we are curled on the couch watching Lie to Me on Netflix.  Cool cats on a Saturday night. 


Baking Update

Well, I didn’t really get to blog about it, but a few weeks ago I made Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough cupcakes.  I found the recipe in one of the blogs I read (and actually, I can’t even remember which blog).  It sounded fantastic.

In actuality,they were only OK.  I took them into work for a co-workers birthday, and everyone seemed to like them.  But I think they were only OK.  I think they feel to the “too much of a good thing” category.  It was a chocolate chip cookie batter, with cookie dough filling and then cookie dough frosting.  I would prefer a regular vanilla chocolate chip cupcake with the cookie dough filling and frosting with a tad less brown sugar.

Now I’m debating what my next challenge will be.  I’ve been in the mood to make an apple cupcake (maybe I’ll use Amanda’s recipe).  Or…

Also, late last week, they announced the 4th Mystery Box Challenge – Orange.

The left the challenge a little broad this month.  That way people who want to do pumpkin/Halloween can, but those who want to do something different can make a fall themed cupcake.  I’m not a huge pumpkin person, so I’m thinking orange frosting would be the path I’d take.

Mystery Ingredient

As its just after the first of the month, Sweetest Kitchen has announced the Mystery Box Cupcake Challenge for September.

This month, the mystery box challenge does not focus on an ingredient.  Instead, it asks bakers to create a cupcake based on a memory: childhood.  Sweetest Kitchen writes:

“this month you will need to create a cupcake that is based on your favorite childhood memories – this could be a particular flavor, or perhaps your favorite childhood dessert”
I’ve decided to participate in this month’s challenge.  Because making a cupcake based on a childhood memory sounds like such a fun, creative experiment.  I’m not quite sure what I’m going to make, but I’ve got some ideas floating around in my head.  
If you were to create a cupcake from your childhood, what would it be?

Oreo Strawberry Cupcake

I told you I’ve been inspired lately. 

After Ben was so nice as to turn on “Cupcake Wars,” I really had an itchin for some baking.  Ben mentioned that he loves the oreo/strawberry combination and *poof* I was ready to start baking.

I started with the oreo cupcake from Beantown Baker. I know you’re not supposed to eat batter, but this batter was FANTASTIC.  And the cupcakes were pretty easy to make.

I topped the cupcakes with strawberry frosting from Cupcakes Take the Cake.  I must have done something wrong with the frosting, as the consistency wasn’t quite right.  It was a bit too watery, but it tasted fantastic. 

Overall, the cupcakes were definitely a success!  I’m prob gonna take some into the office tomorrow (cause otherwise Benjamin and I would eat all 24 of these babies….)