I’ve been ready  reading a lot of posts/having a lot of discussions with people about our country’s education system.  While I don’t really want to get into a whole political post about it (although I’m sure I will eventually),  I do want to share a few brief thoughts on the concept.

  • While I firmly believe in a well rounded education (BU is a liberal arts college afterall), I think high schools need to do a better job at helping students identify what they want to do with their lives.  You’re pretty much expected to know what you want to do with your life on your first day of college, if not before hand.  What career you want to pursue after college can shape if you go to college, what college you attend, and (if it is a university) which section of a college you attend.   If we aren’t exposing the youth to a variety of options, how can they decide what is the path for them?  And in turn, which is the best program for them?
  • More finance classes in high school.  Lets face it – whether they enter the work force directly from high school, or they go to college with its ever rising costs and the newfound independence, I believe high school students should be required to take some personal finance class. 

Do you agree?  What other opti


things from my childhhood that prob won’t live up to the memory

Another great blog topic that I’m taking from Secret Society of List Addicts“Things from my childhood that probably won’t live up to my fond memories of them.”

No seriously people.  That blog is awesome.  You should check it out.  I get very happy when I see it turn to bold in my Google Reader.

Back to the posting.

  • Alice in Wonderland TV Show on DisneyThere used to be this show on the Disney Channel that was loosely based on Alice in Wonderland.  I used to watch it every day.  Every single day while getting ready for school.  I’m sure it was terrible.  In fact, I think I tried to watch it again a few years later.  And it was in fact, terrible. 

  • Run the Bases – In the summer, we used to always play this game on the beach, Run the Bases.  Basically, you set up two “bases” and place them a decent distance apart.  Then two “ends” each “guard” a base and throw a tennis ball back and forth.  The “runners” then try and run back and forth between the two bases.  If you get pegged by the tennis ball, you become an “end”.  There is no way to win this game.  You just never want to be an “end”.

  •  Bubble Tape – 

[photo credit]

Yeah you remember this.  I’m pretty sure this was NOT quality bubble gum.  But it was awesome because you could chew AS MUCH AS YOU WANTED.  Nothing like hanging out by the baseball fields in elementary/middle school with a roll of bubble yu

and I totally agree with  Secret Society of List Addicts for this last one:

  • Easy-bake Oven – There is no way cookies made from a mix and baked by the heat of a light bulb taste as good as I remember. No. Way. 

Anything I’ve missed?  

If I ruled the world

The other day Cheryl gave us some insight into what the world would look like if she ruled it. I particularly like the idea of bringing back “please” and “thank you” and children wearing shoes.

I can think of lots of great things that can’t really be changed (like ending rain during rush hours and making ice cream and pizza a healthy, acceptable meal).

But regarding the things that could actually theoretically be changed, I find most of my frustrations with the world deal can ultimately be linked back to two concepts: Be respectful and responsible.

Yes, I know being an adult can suck sometimes. But you had the first two decades of your life to pull the young, immature, and the “I didn’t know any better” cards. Now it’s time to take responsibility and be a respectful member of society.

But to be more specific:

  • When getting on/off the metro, do not push, shove or run to the available seat. Also, when you see a pregnant woman, elderly person, person with a small child, person with disabilities/injuries, etc., offer them your seat. It’s the right thing to do. You won’t die if you stand during your commute to work. If you have a legitimate reason to need the seat, fine. Don’t just push everyone out of the way and then play on your BlackBerry the whole time so you don’t have to make eye contact with that old woman who should really have your seat.
  • If you don’t want to walk up the escalator, please stand to the right. Leave the left side for those people who are in a rush. And definitely don’t stand in the middle taking up the WHOLE step.
  • Don’t throw trash on the ground. Yes, I know I’ve done this at times. But really. Find a trash can. Or even better, when appropriate, a recycle bin.
  • While yes, I agree it’s nice when boys open doors for girls. But it doesn’t ALWAYS have to be that way. Walking into a building and there is a boy (or anyone for that matter) coming behind you, hold the door for them.
  • When approaching an elevator, if the doors start to shut do not run and throw your arm to make them pop back open. Let the people peacefully take their elevator ride, and wait the 30 seconds for the next one. (Please note that I do NOT apply this concept to public transportation. You never know when the next bus/train will arrive.)
  • Blogger would like me type a blog posting in word and then copy and paste it into the blog function. I like working in Word. You make this difficult.