Four Days in October

Last night, Ben and I watched ESPN’s 30 for 30 movie Four Days in October
The movie is about games 4,5,6 and 7 of the Red Sox/Yankee ALCS Championship game.  The movie skips games 1-3 (because they sucked), and focused on the amazing comeback of the Boston Red Sox. 
It was fantastic.  Maybe it was the nostalgia in me.  Maybe it was my love for all-things-Boston (especially the Sox!).  But I loved every second of the movie.  I found myself sitting there going, “omg I forgot about that part!” or “I remember that – it was awesome!” throughout the whole movie. 
Especially at the end when they showed the streets surrounding Fenway Park after game 7.  Not gonna lie – I put the TV on pause and tried to find myself in the crowd. 
If you were in Boston during October of 2008, I highly recommend you watch this film, if only for the memories!


If I were to sum up this weekend, I would use one word: sleep. 

I thought I was fighting off being sick all week.  Apparently I was right.  Because I slept till like 11 both Saturday and Sunday.  And I look a two hour nap yesterday.  So basically, I got A LOT of sleep. 

But yet I still managed to be a bit productive. 

  • Yesterday, Ben and I headed over to Macy*s to check out crystal stemware for our registry.  We narrowed it down to 4 patters. 
  • Today, I headed over to Williams-Sanoma and went to town with the registry gun.  I just love that store.  And everything in it.  Put a ton of stuff on the registry.  I’ll have to go back and look at it once I’m off the shopping high to finalize things. 

On a different – I’m watching the Sox game right now.  As you know, I absolutely LOVE Varitek.  He just had his last at bat, to a standing ovation.  The Sox set him out in gear for the 9th, and then pulled him before it started so he could have his final good bye to the fans.  So moving. 

Now I’m making a broccoli, chicken cheddar casserole and waiting for Ben to get back so we can turn on the Skins-Eagles came.