Meet Fenway

Back in April, Ben and I adopted a puppy.  Meet Fenway!


First, we did a TON of research on breeds of dogs.  We wanted to make sure that we found a breed that worked for us and our lifestyle.  We ended up deciding we wanted a Brittany.  It was the right mix for us.  These dogs are super friendly, eager to place, friendly with kids, but is still a dog that can run with us.  Since Ben and I both run, it was important to have a dog that can go running with us.  The only downside of the breed is that they definitely need a lot of energy: I can tell when she hasn’t had enough exercise. She gets super hyper and starts to get destructive (biting on the sides of tables, chewing things she shouldn’t be, etc.).

Once we decided on a breed, we also knew that adopting was important to us. While not all breeders are terrible people (Ben’s dogs from growing up were both from a breeder who was very respectable), we knew we wanted to adopt.  We knew it would be hard to find a Brittany in a rescue situation, so we set in for a long search.

But then we found a great organization: The New England Brittany Rescue. This group does nothing but Brittany rescues.  They do a thorough job to make sure they place the dogs in good homes.  We had to fill out an application, conduct a phone interview and then participate in a home visit.  We found a dog that we loved, but she was adopted before we were able to finish the process.

But a couple weeks later, we got a call from the organization saying that they had a puppy!  She was only 3 months old, but she was available for adoption.  We jumped at the chance to get a puppy!


So one week after Easter, we picked up our puppy.  She has been an absolute sweetheart every since.  Sure, she has probably peed on every square inch of this place at one point or another (except for my closet – she isn’t allowed in there). But she is playful, loving, and definitely a runner!


Question of the Day: Do you have a pet? What kind and why did you get it?